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Hi, I’m Saskia

It’s a pleasure to have you here! 

Saskia became a certified Transformation Coach, Mentor and Founder of the program ‘Soul Design’ after spending more than 8 years building a career in the marketing sector in the corporate environment. While ascending the career ladder, she always worked with great passion and dedication. However, the more she got promoted, the less sense and meaning she could find in her work. She felt more and more disconnected from herself and this is when the program ‘Soul Design’ was born. Her focus has been always on people and mentoring them to become better, happier and more successful. She has now made it her life’s mission to support women to embrace their power, boost their confidence and be successful in their career & life. Since then she has helped many clients to create a new meaningful life.   

Certified by the International Coaching Academy 


Accredited Coach Training Program (International Coaching Federation) 

You are not alone!

Believe me I know exactly how it feels to not have found the right job yet for you. When I was myself in that situation, I thought I am the only one going through this. But when I decided to talk openly about it people told me they feel exactly the same. A study of the Forbes magazine shows that 87% of workers worldwide are unhappy in their jobs.  

This makes my work so important and meaningful to me. I know how different it feels if you have a job you truly love and which makes you come alive. There is nothing like it and you will reach a complete new level of happiness and fulfilment. It will change your whole life for the better.    

You deserve to have a meaningful career. You deserve to feel all the joy in the world and be fulfilled by the work you are doing. And you know what that is all possible for you!  All you need to do is take the opportunity and go for it. I am here to guide you through the process and together we will make it happen.    


Soul Design 

Do you want to feel great about yourself, more balanced, confident, sparkling and full of energy?

Have you had enough of playing small, not feeling good about yourself, not being seen and valued.

Does the following statement resonate with you?: ‘I am ready to embrace my power to become more confident and successful in my career and life’

Then you are in the right place and I am excited to have you here. 

What does ‘Soul Design’ stand for?

‘Soul’ focuses on the inner work. Together we will uncover your limiting beliefs, the fears and blocks which have been holding you back. We will work through them and you will be guided to a greater level of awareness and alignment. This part is about strengthening your self-worth, improving your confidence and transforming your mindset.  

‘Design’ covers the first step of attaining clarity on your passion and purpose and the second step of creating and taking action in your career and life from a place of alignment and implementation. 

When things change inside you, things change around you.

Together we will go on a journey and introduce a brand new level of awareness, confidence, happiness and success into your life.  

You will benefit from the experience I have gained while guiding both myself and others through similar situations and from my ability, being on the outside, of being able to see things you are not yet able to.

Start with a free discovery session to discuss all options and to get a first taste of all that is possible for you.      

Everyday we get a new chance to be different, to do different and create the life we desire.’

Soul Design = new meaningful life 

The life that has so far felt out of reach for you will now become your new reality. 

3-month program (other options available)    

  • Celebrating kick off session to start this great journey     
  • 12 x intense 1:1 coaching sessions (weekly via zoom)   
  • Mentorship and guidence 
  • Customized tasks for self-study & application  
  • WhatsApp support between sessions  
  • Post-program support  

Soul Design is the right program for you if: 

  • You are ambitious and passionate, dedicated to self-growth and personal development     

  • You are ready to embrace your power and bring happiness, confidence and success into your life   

  • You are committed to doing all the work required and fully showing up for it      



We are not fit, if:

  • You are looking for someone who will do all the work for you and you don’t intend to commit 


  • You are not open to seeing new perspectives and living new experiences 

  • You don’t want to take action and would rather stay in your comfort zone



Are you ready to go on a journey with me?   

What people are saying

Elmarie – Amsterdam, Netherlands

'Working with Saskia has been nothing short of transformational for my journey to re-starting my career. She inspired trust almost instantly, enabling a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth that I hadn't realised I desperately needed to become unstuck. Saskia has an incredible sense of positive energy about her. This created a safe and encouraging space for me to explore the obstacles that were holding me back and allowed me to work through them effectively.  Her calm, gentle presence and her insight in the discoveries we made empowered me to move forward with clear, positive intentions and actions. With her professional yet truly personal approach, she made me feel seen and gave me the tools to identify, analyze and resolve negative emotions. She skillfully facilitates positive intentions into effective actions. She is truly inspirational and I can not recommend her highly enough.' Elmarie - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ioana – Breda, Netherlands

‘Saskia’s coaching program was the most productive time of my life in terms of self-discovery and personal growth. We worked on communication and learned how to deal with emotions, we built up the self-esteem, aligned the personal and professional identity and found new approaches for challenging situations. She always made me feel safe and in control, but also kindly disagreed and explained why, when I was misinterpreting something or proposing an unfavorable approach. My favorite part about her coaching style is that it felt like a collaboration, where she was learning as well, together with me and we were growing together. She was growing as a coach; I was growing as a person. I love her and recommend her to anyone, even to those who think they have it all together!’ Ioana - Breda, Netherlands

Coralie – Breda, Netherlands

'Working with Saskia has indeed been transformative, in the most positive sense! Saskia has helped me find confidence and strength to tackle my new job. She guided me to dig deep in my soul to bring back to the surface what I needed to feel positive, even competent in my new job. Each session was tailored to my needs which I highly appreciated. To be coached is to embark on a very personal journey which can be really uncomfortable sometimes but Saskia was there to hold my hand. I'm a solution orientated person, I needed practical tools to progress and 'measure' my progression, again Saskia found the right exercises for me. I'm still practising, I can carry on with my journey. I still don't feel confident everyday but I know I will, thanks to Saskia!' Coralie - Breda, Netherlands

Amanda Jane Franklin – Rome, Italy

'I have worked with several coaches and without a doubt Saskia is one of the best. She is incredibly professional and talented, a wonderful listener and she naturally creates an environment of trust. With her positive energy, she has gently challenged my way of thinking and has allowed me to see my situation from a completely new perspective. She delves deep rather than staying on the surface and this has also allowed me to uncover aspects of my character I wasn’t even aware of. Working with her on a regular basis, I have overcome some real sticking blocks and have refound my passion and creativity.  I can’t recommend Saskia highly enough!' Amanda Jane Franklin - Rome, Italy

Natacha Sommer – Zurich, Switzerland

"I am very grateful for Saskia’s coaching as it allowed to sustain my forward movement in my transition period from a corporate career to starting my own coaching practice. Additionally, she helped me design and create a practice that are aligned with my values and my mission. She helped me gain clarity around my professional goal and to have the confidence to maintain boundaries to focus on my business growth. Saskia has a very positive energy which was empowering and helpful in a period with so much uncertainty. “  Natacha Sommer – Zurich, Switzerland  

Angelica Palli – Berlin, Germany

 ‘Working with Saskia was fundamental to help me making progress with my project and overcoming all the doubts and uncertainties related to it. With her help, I managed to focus on the right priorities and come up with wonderful creative ideas and new perspectives... I feel that she really helped me explore my potential! Every session was different, but they were all pointing me in the right direction. Saskia has a great, calming presence that makes it easy to open up and let her guide you through the exploration.’  Angelica Palli – Berlin, Germany  

Discover what is possible for you. Follow me on my journey… 


I am so excited to connect with you and hear your story. Leave me a message and let me know how I can support you.  I am here for you and I want to let you know that everything is possible!  


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